Who is Oshay Duke Jackson?

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If you've never heard the name Oshay Duke Jackson in the YouTube-verse, then I'm pleased you had a chance to read it hear first. Oshay is a prominent YouTube creator in the black social commentary space who runs and operates a number of channels including:

which shed light on a variety of different topics ranging from issues plaguing black communities to family, finance, relationships, business, and much more. One commonality you will find across much of Oshay's content is his uniquely sarcastic and somewhat "petty" humor which often lends itself to a far larger point and helps keep the audience engaged in the dialogue.

Since first discovering Oshay's content in 2020, I have since become a fan and common viewer of The Celebrity Junk, which is a well-produced YouTube show tailored to discuss black celebrity news as it relates to everyday issues in the black American community. With his timely upload schedule, hilarious sense of humor, and authentic analysis and perspective of black American issues, I think Oshay Duke Jackson (and any of his lesser known channels) are all worth a watch and/or subscribe if you're interested in intellectual dialogue around taboo, often less talked about narratives, issues, and topics regarding the state of black America.

Check out an episode of The Celebrity Junk below:

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