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The Man Behind The Mask

You're probably wondering why is this man looking like a florescent ram? Say hello to Scola an artist in his own lane, especially when it comes to fashion. This mask is an exclusive piece made by the hands of his biggest fan. Seriously, hand made based off his obsession with rams and it gets very cold where he's from. Scola aka Rosco P has a way with melodies and cadences that will bring the rage out of the calm or bring the calm to the rage. Scola has a very diverse catalog and he holds his own on every track whether it's a solo song or a feature. Scola has admitted to being somewhat of a "perfectionist" when it comes to his overall music literacy. He doesn't leave the studio until his art is properly complete, a few producers that have worked with Scola confirmed he sleeps there sometimes. Scola has been on the bubble for a while and projected to pop in the near future, he's got a solid performance track record and done features with Lil Jairmy, Kodie Shane, Chris King, Molly Brazy, Lotto Savage, Nyko Bands, and many more. Click here to capture the sound vibes from The Masked Ram.

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