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The Freaks Come Out in Broad Day!

We thought the Freaks only came out at night, however we were sadly mistaken. Nico Freako is a young artist out of the midwest who is versatile with sounds, photography, and creative direction. Freako has her own bag of talents that she keeps low key until it's time to shine. She can bless your track with a verse, she can make a beat to fit your sound, and she can freak high quality visuals for her clients. We got the chance to link with her and create some new visual vibes. Her song "Going up" is an example of how she brings fun to the game! Click here to see the new video we created and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Her latest EP titled "Freako" has been making waves in her region and she is working to expand her brand. Freako has a slight mysterious aura to her, and her personality is reflected in her music. She is just getting started and has already done shoots with a few larger artist such as Tee Grizzley, Scola aka Rosco P, BabysWorld, Lil Jairmy, Chris King, and Desto Dubb. Keep your eyes peeled for this rising star!

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