Johnny Cinco - "Pop It Don't Stop It" Album Review

I've been a consistent Johnny Cinco fan since 2015, so it was only right to give my thoughts on the latest installment from the Atlanta native, "Pop It Don't Stop It" which recently dropped on May 5, 2022.

On this project, Cinco ventures far away from his trap roots, opting to explore a more versatile R&B sound that may take fans and listeners by surprise. Laced with 14 tracks, Cinco delivers a blend of reminiscent sounds along with a plethora of experimental cadences and beats, displaying a huge maturity in both sound and content matter. While I have to admit this wasn't my favorite project from Johnny "Five", I can certainly appreciate the growth in artistry and willingness to step outside of his creative comfort zone.

For this album, I have to say that "Where da luv" is probably my favorite track with vibes similar to "Hood Drake" and Cinco's unique blend for trap and R&B sounds. Check out the song below and the entire project on YouTube and let us know your thoughts on the project in the comments.

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