3 Reasons You Should Know Pink Siifu

2018 album cover for the project titled, "ensley"

It's safe to say that hip-hop in 2022 is multi-faceted and any artist or creative whose sound/art is too one dimensional was already left in 2021. For upcoming artists, one of the hardest things to do can be to carve out a unique image for oneself and stand apart from the thousands (if not millions) of other rappers and artists who've already saturated the web with their songs and art.

This is what makes artists like Pink Siifu especially exceptional.

During a time where many hip-hop fans feel that rap music has long passed it's pique and has nothing to offer beyond mumble rap and Soundcloud rappers, this Ohio native has found numerous ways to set himself apart from his crowd of peers in the music game and these are just a few of the reasons why you should get familiar with him too:

  1. He experiments with a wide-range of sounds

While many artists claim to have a diverse catalog, not many tend to mesh genres or experiment with them as successfully as Pink Siifu has in recent years. Whether you're a fan of punk, alternative, hip-hop/rap, or neo-soul, Siifu definitely does not discriminate when it comes to the sounds he creates to express himself to fans.

2. He has creative music videos

Many artists in 2022 spend too much time focusing on the quality/sound of their music and rarely ever spend as much time focusing on the visual aesthetic to go along with it. Videos are generally one of the first ways that potential fans will interact/engage with an artist's brand and this is another area where Siifu has made certain to stand out. With an awesome blend of videography and editing styles, you can expect everything from clay stop-motion videos to vintage 1970's-inspired music videos that give you a nostalgic vibe that you didn't even know you missed. Check out one of my favorite Pink Siifu videos below:

3. He's a hidden gem

If you're not a fan of mainstream/radio music, then all-the-more reason why Siifu would be the perfect new artist to add to your playlist. With just over 12K subscribers via YouTube and just shy of 11K follower on Soundcloud, Pink Siifu is very much an under-the-radar gem that we don't think you'll regret giving a listen to.

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